Thursday, March 31, 2011

Praising God

On Tuesday morning, I began calling the 800 number on our letter that sent us for biometric prints.  I really didn't know if this would get us anywhere, but the people were very nice and it WAS the number to call to find out if our prints were cleared.  Our prints were not entered that morning, but they told me to call back in the afternoon.  I waited - and prayed - until 3 and called.  A very nice lady - praise God - answered and said that she could tell that our information was being entered, but she could not tell if we were cleared or not.  She told me to call back at about 4:45 and she would probably know.  I told her that lots of people were praying for these prints to clear.  At 4:45, I got her on the phone and she said they were cleared.  I was screaming on the phone and saying "thank you."  She was laughing!
We were so thankful and went to Sonic for ice cream to celebrate - Ellie's idea :)
This has been a special week for us as we have watched our friends, the Evans, uniting with their daughter in China.  It has been our daily treat to see what is posted on their blog and delight in God's goodness!  It has given me strength and faith to patiently wait for our time to meet our daughter.
At the beginning of this journey, God told me that she was waiting.  I know that is true and now that we are at the end of our paperwork process, we are fervently praying that George, our Hungarian facilitator, will be led to Lizzie and will KNOW that she is the one for us!
I will share that throughout yesterday and this morning, I have had doubts creep into my head about those prints - we should receive a confirmation that we are cleared in the mail today or tomorrow.  God gave us all a peace about them being cleared, I heard it on the phone, yet I still want to see it in print?!  I keep giving this back to God and saying - "No, I believe you - I will not doubt."
To be very honest, this adoption process is a stretch for me.  Not so much thinking about the changes in our family. If you know me, you know that I CANNOT wait to have a little one on my hip, in a stroller, playing in our home - God is giving me the desires of my heart and I am so thankful!
The "stretch" is the lack of control.  I like to plan; I LOVE to mark things off my list - I like to know.
There are so many unknowns in adoption.  But... I am learning to trust more - little by little!  I am learning that, for us, adoption is about more than bringing our daughter home or having compassion for orphans and wanting to do more to help.  For us - specifically me - it is about truly trusting the Lord for each step of my life!
Thank you all so much for your prayers!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fingerprints...again and again!

We went to Birmingham today for our biometric fingerprint appointment.  I discovered that this was our "receipt" that our Home Study was received.  When our fingerprints are approved, our home study will be approved and we will be on our way to finding our little girl.  Of course, we have already been on that journey throughout, but we are getting closer.  I am still claiming that today could have been it - but Reese's fingerprints went right through.  Mine, however, were a different story!  "Poor minutia" were the exact words on the screen.  The sweet technician said, "You have had problems with these before?"  He also said he will probably see me again soon!
I was trying to have faith that all would go well and not ask "what if?"  But, after he said that, I had to ask. He said there is a chance that they could go through - PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS MIRACLE!  He also said he was pretty sure he would see me again!  He was very nice - but I am hoping... NOT!
We called our Social Worker, Jana, and she said that she would begin to e-mail and figure out our next steps if they were not approved.  We could know as soon as tomorrow.  We could have to go back to Birmingham - for my prints and then possibly to Atlanta!
I have NO idea what we would do in Atlanta.  I just don't have fingerprints!
But... I do have trust in our Lord!  I am so thankful that I know that I know that I know that He is leading us on this journey! Yes, it is frustrating!  Yes, it seems wrong that we have to go through all this when we are just trying to adopt -but I also know that God has not called me to try to change the system.
We had to go through this step today to get to the next one!  So, we will see what awaits us and trust in His timing!
John Reese was VERY frustrated for me - for us!  Ellie said, "John Reese, God may use you one day to help change this and make adoption easier for people!"
Reese and John Reese are figuring out how we are going to skype from Hungary on our new IPad!  I can't wait until we get to do that!
Thanks for your continued prayers!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Biometric Fingerprints and More

We received notice last week that our Biometric Fingerprint appointment in Birmingham will be Monday, March 28.  This is another step closer to our precious daughter in Hungary!  We also know that some of our dossier is in Hungary being translated right now.  Very amazing to think that some of our paperwork is in the same country as our daughter.  For those with questions, I really don't understand why we have to do 2 sets of fingerprints.  The first were for DHR clearance and these are for the Federal Government.  I just know it's part of the process and am thankful we are to this point.
Please pray that they are approved!!  We should know very quickly this time.  I have a total peace about it, knowing God is getting our hearts and our home sooo ready for Lizzie!  We still haven't made a sure decision about how to spell her name.  Just trying out both for now :).
Will post soon with pictures of her room.  We are close to having it ready.  It is very fun to walk past her room with her bed and comforter ready and picture her in our home!!

Please read for more information on a family in our church, the Ponters, and their most recent adoption story.  It's also a story of God's leading, people following and orphan care!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Diapers and Doughnuts

The Diapers and Doughnuts party was a huge success.  My living room was full of sweet moms and daughters and friends who listened as Sally shared her heart for orphans and adoption.  How blessed we all were to hear how God has worked and is working in her life.  She reminded us that we are his vessels to be used for HIM!  Sometimes this is easier than others, but God is with us, is in control and is MIGHTY!
We collected a little over 400 diapers that I will deliver to Nashville next weekend.  Thank you for helping cover those diaper-less bottoms!