Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Homeschooling Three - the Truth!

We have started school and I am thankful to be back into routine.  Lizzie is able to sit for a couple of hours at a time - sometimes we don't sit that long, but glad she can do it.
She is learning the Days of Creation, her numbers, letters and so much more!  She is taking it all in very well, and we are so pleased with her progress.
She will gasp each day as she recognizes a letter she knows or sees something on a walk that we have learned about.  She is so full of excitement!  What a joy she is to us.  She says "God made the sun, the moon and the stars and then adds whatever she is seeing... snails, snakes, rocks, worms!"  She is getting the important stuff!
Our life is full and busy and not always so easy.  Homeschooling three is a challenge, especially keeping her quiet while the big kids work, but we are making progress in that area, too.
Lizzie started dance and Children's Choir last week and moved up in her Sunday School class.  I am so thankful that she can do all of this at our church and we don't have to move her around alot.
She will also start preschool on Thursdays next week.

I mostly keep this blog as a scrapbook to her to record her first year home, so I am careful to be honest, but also not to share the "yuck!"  I have recently felt conviction about FB and blogs only showing the cute, sweet memories with our precious children when there is so much that happens in a day with kids that is not cute or sweet.

Please know that our days are filled with that, too.  There are days when I think - "There are places for these kids to go - why on earth do we have them all at home?"  There are days when I want to go to Starbucks and Target all by myself and come home to a clean house without toys and school books everywhere.  The kids argue and complain - somedays over too much work, somedays because they do not like their hair (not John Reese), somedays over bedtime.  Some days we are just grumpy or rude or selfish - all of us - at different times - which makes for a long day!

But... I am truly blessed with these I have been given and pray that God will use me and guide me and fill in for all the things I miss or mess up!
And... there are sweet, sweet moments each day that I have the privilege of watching because we are all here!

 Morning exercises!
 First day of dance
 First day of school