Saturday, May 5, 2012

Medical Update and More

We finally had the Upper GI and Ultrasound at Children's on Wednesday and also had an appointment with the Pediatric GI doctor.  We are praising God as that day is over and the results are really amazing.
Everything looked great on both tests.  She does have some gallstones that we knew about. These are from her early IV feedings and are not causing any pain or problems so they will be left alone for now.

She does have some reflux, BUT... Dr. Mestre's words were "I know she has the diagnosis of Small Bowel, but I don't see that a significant part of her intestine is missing."  This is the unanswered question we have had since we received the referral.  Lizzie was born at 26 weeks and weighed 1 1/2 pounds and basically due to complications with the premature birth, part of her intestine died and had to be removed.  We were not able to find out how much when we received the referral and were hoping that since she had not had any recent hospitalizations and was growing and seemingly healthy, that it would be ok.
We are so relieved and in awe of her medical care in Hungary and God's amazing provisions for our sweet girl!
Because she does still have some tummy issues we will spend three more mornings at Children's doing some tests to see if it is lactose, sucrose or fructose that she may have a hard time digesting.  And... she will have to have a little more blood work.
Lizzie is learning to trust us more and more and while I cannot stand to put her through these appointments and tests, she is recovering well as her bond with us is growing.
It is just very different than with children you have been with since birth.  We are working so diligently to build a bond with her and show her that we will love her and protect her always, yet she has so much fear that we are having to hold her down for these tests while she screams hysterically.
The funny thing is that as soon as it is over, it is over and she will even laugh about it and mock cry when she retells it.
She is doing so much better with me.  She is letting me be "Mommy" and it is so precious.  I love being able to hold her and scratch her back as she falls asleep or wipe her tears and kiss her when she is sad.
We are still continually thankful and amazed at God's plan in bringing her to our family.
She is a perfect fit!
This week she:
*Constantly said she is sad (with a smirk) because Poppy's car is broken!  It is broken and duck-taped, if you haven't seen it!
*Prayed out loud in the car while looking at the night sky "Thank you God for the sun, the moon and the stars"
*Sang "Our God is Greater" at the top of her lungs - in the car, in the potty, in the bath...everywhere!
*Made John Reese and Ellie kiss and say "sorry" when they fussed during school!
*Told Jake to "look in my eyes, Jake" when she was getting on to him for jumping out of her lap
*Ran a mile on the trails while we rode our bikes beside her
*Pretty much mastered writing her name and has written it on her drawings without me telling her!
*Used "Lizzie" more than "Sugi"
*And... answered when I asked her if she wanted to be called Sugi or Lizzie "No... princess!"
And she is our little princess and His - a child of the King!

Love to you all and thank you for caring and praying and rejoicing with us!