Thursday, March 29, 2012

We're Back

Okay - I am hoping this works.  I have been trying to find time to figure out how to undelete the blog and also post a new update!
For those of you confused - we had to remove our blog while we were in Hungary due to some privacy issues.
We returned home on March 1 with our Lizzie and have been enjoying getting to know her and adjusting to our family of five over this last month.
We spent 6 weeks in Hungary, and though it was really cold and we all got homesick - we miss our special time there as a family with no commitments or interruptions!  It was a precious time of bonding, though it wasn't easy.
Lizzie was so precious with John Reese and Ellie and warmed up to Reese, but after an initial sweet response to me, she became pretty angry with me and was very resistant to my affection.  We prayed and cried and I kept on loving her and loving on her just like I do and did with John Reese and Ellie, and as soon as we got home, it was over!  Hallelujah!
The ice had melted, the anger was gone, and she is letting me be her Mommy!
God is good, and I am thankful for the process we have gone through together.

Lizzie had her appointments at the International Adoption Clinic and also the Pediatric Gastroenterologist yesterday.  It was a long, hard day for her and us.  She had to have 8 viles of blood drawn to determine what immunizations she has had.  She has tiny veins and a HUGE fear of needles and doctors, so put that together and it equals a horrible 20 minutes!  But she was a happy girl when we left.  Our second appointment was just a consultation, but we did learn that upcoming testing will not require putting her to sleep!  I am so thankful.
The doctors were both amazed that she is so healthy after such a hard start.
One doctor commented that she would not be alive in many Eastern European countries as they just don't have the money for the expensive medicines and treatments to keep a premie alive!  Lizzie was born miles from Romania and lived just 10 miles from Ukraine!  But God kept her in those borders of Hungary, and He kept her alive.
What a reminder that she is a miracle!

We have been working on new words and she is a quick learner.  I have been telling her for a couple of days that John Reese is her "brother" and Ellie is her "sister."  Last night she said, "Good night brother John Reese, Good night sister Ellie, Good night brother Jake (dog)!  She keeps us laughing!
And, I have to note that yesterday morning while I was in the shower, she came in the bathroom and said, "Hey, Mommy, I love you."  Wow - that was the first time she has said that without us saying it first or at bedtime!  Melted my heart.

Hebrews 10:36 "So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.  You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised."