Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Waiting

We heard from Jana last week, and George is back in Hungary with no referral for us at this time.
We have a total peace about this and are totally trusting in God's timing.  Good news - George is returning to Hungary this week or next.   There are some children being processed through the courts to be eligible for adoption. From what we know, there are no toddler girls in that group - but we don't know all.  We are praying for a miracle - let her be in that group - or in some way come to George's attention on this next trip!  Thank you for joining us in praying for our miracle daughter - Lizzie.  George will find her and our prayers will be heard by our Father in heaven who has perfect plans for our daughter - His daughter.
We know that this is all part of her story and ours.   We are not discouraged - we know that God fulfills all of His promises!  John Reese studied about waiting on the Lord this morning in Sunday School.  He said that they talked about how long Sarah and Abraham had to wait for the Lord to fulfill His promise with Isaac.  I'm hoping to not have an entire head full of gray hair when I meet Lizzie -but God's timing is perfect :).
Our strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord - we will wait!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Waiting... He is faithful

The following is a song by Chris Tomlin.  God used it to speak to my heart today.
Yes, He is forever faithful to all He has called each of us to do.
He loves our little girl and holds her until we can.
He is full of grace and mercy.
I certainly am reminded of that daily.
I am so undeserving of the blessed life I lead and blessed to be called to adoption by Him!
I have certainly had the wounded heart and the fragile soul and He lifts me up and holds me together.

I really don't like waiting.  Some days I have such a peace about getting Lizzie and other days - like today - I just ache to hold her, to touch her cheek to mine, to have her sit in my lap while I read, to even push her in a Target buggy :).
I don't know why it is taking so long.  I don't know why He told us - Hungary - but I do know that He did.
I do know that He whispered in my heart last year - about this time - as I asked Him -"Why the urgency?"  "She is waiting."
And I believe Him! He is faithful and true to His promises!  As we wait, I will believe Him to be the faithful God He has proven himself to be over and over and over again!

Faithful, forever You are faithful
Father to the fatherless
You uphold the one who feels forsaken
You are faithful, God

Faithful, forever You are faithful
Lover of the wounded heart
You defend the poor and the forgotten
You are faithful, God

And I will sing to the maker of Heaven and Earth
God, You reign forever and Your love will endure
Faithful and true is the name of the Lord
You are faithful, God

Faithful, forever You are faithful
Shelter for the fragile soul
You lift us up, You hold us all together
You are faithful, God

You are there in every season of my soul
You are there, You're the anchor that will hold
You are there, in the valley of the shadows
You are faithful, God