Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas and more

We are so thankful for an amazing Christmas with our Lizzie.  Last year we had gifts out for her including a suitcase and a Bitty Baby, but what a joy to watch her this year.  We were all so excited for her.  She enjoyed shopping and choosing gifts for her brother and sister - and me and Reese, too and even used her own money to buy one gift.
We packed in all we could in a month including the Botanical Garden lights, baking and decorating cookies, lots of Christmas books, traveling to see family and friends, shopping, Church Christmas programs, wrapping gifts and movies.
I wish I would have used a video camera while driving through the lights at the Botanical Gardens - oh my - Lizzie was hilarious "Look, look - pretty, pretty - wow!"  All at a very loud and high volume :)

We have begun our second semester of homeschooling, and Lizzie amazes me each day with all she is able to learn.  She is sounding out words, identifying some sight words, great with math and loves to sing and play games.  I didn't homeschool John Reese and Ellie for kindergarten - so this is really fun - and also challenging at times - mostly to get her to sit still and pay attention.  But - oh - how rewarding to be the one with her when things "click."  It is a precious blessing that I am able to do this and I am truly thankful.

There are a few new people checking in on this blog as more and more people are becoming interested in Hungarian adoption - some due to the recent (and sad) ban on Russian adoptions.

I am so thankful that God led us to Hungary because that is where our daughter was.  We loved our time in Budapest and miss it every day.  At this time last year we were packing our suitcases to leave - what an exciting time for our family.  I am glad we went to Hungary, but I am mostly glad that we obeyed.

I cannot imagine our life without Lizzie.
It is not the same, and it is not easy -but God is good and our days are filled with much laughter and joy and peace!

Every day is not easy and there are things I never have had to deal with and don't always know how including:

"I already had a mom.  I miss Gingi.  I want to go back."  Now, that may sound alarming, and it is not anything you can prepare yourself to hear as a mom, but the truth is I am thankful she has happy memories and misses her foster family.  And, when she says she wants to go back, she doesn't mean without us, she is just homesick for the home she had for three years.  We talk and pray and she moves on.

It is not always easy for me to deal with her "delays."  Though it is so clear she is very bright and capable and her delays are caused from lack of exposure - I still am weak at times and compare her to other seven year olds or remember what John Reese and Ellie were able to do at these ages and I kind of panic wanting to "catch her up."  But that is not her story or her journey, and I know that God will use this time in her life to teach us both many lessons.

I am older!  She is very energetic and talkative, and, at times, I am worn out!

She is so tiny, and, at times, I have fear about wanting her to be a "normal size." But God constantly reminds me that he took care of her for six years - He's got this!

And that's the biggest lesson I have learned over this year - I am here to be used by God - not to fit Him into MY plans!  I pray I learn to live like this more each day.

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