Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School

We had an amazing summer of golf, swimming, VBS, mission trips and travel.  I am so thankful to be home and enjoy my children and be able to be the one to drive them where they need to go even though some days I feel like my car should be yellow :).
In May we decided that Lizzie would go to school.  John Reese and Ellie attended a Christian school here in Decatur and had precious teachers there prior to homeschooling.
One of those same teachers has my Lizzie in her class right now, and it is just the perfect fit.  God had to really work on my heart about this, but Reese led us to the decision, and I know it was the right one!
I miss having those snuggles during the day and watching Lizzie interact with her brother and sister throughout the day as well as the many other privileges of homeschooling, but I am so thankful for the progress she is already making in first grade and also some quiet home time with my other two!  AND... I get lots of sweet Lizzie love when she gets in the car after school!
We now have a high schooler, middle schooler and a first grader!  I love these seasons!  Watching my older two grow into young people is  truly a joy!  Every day is not easy, but we really do enjoy each other alot!
We have had Lizzie home for a year and 5 months.  It feels like she has been with us forever!  It is truly amazing to see how she has progressed in this short time.
Some of this blog is a journal for us and some is info for other adoptive moms reading.  I know I read every word of other mom's blogs when in the process and now for encouragement and information on transition, adjustments, bonding and more!
So here is the general update...
I feel great about where Lizzie is emotionally.  She is very loving, sensitive and kind.  She is very open with her emotions and communicates everything she is feeling.  She responds well to discipline, great to praise and truly wants to please us.  She is thoughtful with John Reese and Ellie and has a wonderful relationship with them. They do "baby" her some, but they also just play, too.  Last night she orchestrated a "talent/sing long" show before bed time.  She had a toy microphone and sang and son and passed it around for us all to have a turn.  I love how her young and funny spirit keeps the other two young and silly!  I love how they go along with her plans!
Lizzie has a great relationship with Reese's parents who live near us and loves to spend time with them and have special nights to spend the night.  She acts just like the other two when it is time to come home - a little happy and a little sad and a little spoiled :).  Nana and Papa adore her, and we are so thankful to see that sweet relationship!
Lizzie has progressed so much physically with being able to ride her bike without training wheels on the trails, skipping, balancing and ballet.  Her fine motor was so delayed.  She is drawing detailed pictures and writing her letters and numbers.  This didn't happen quite as quickly as I would have liked, but it has happened in God's timing and it has been fun for all of us to watch and to praise her as she has progressed.
Lizzie's overall health is very good.  She has had so many tests run and blood drawn, and everything has come back normal.  She is very small and is not gaining too much weight, but all of her tests are normal, so we are praising God for normal and praying for her to GROW!  She is growing taller, but is still very small.
Lizzie does miss her foster family very much and talks about them often.  Sometimes she will go days or weeks without talking about them, and then something will trigger a memory.  We are so thankful that she has such happy memories of being with them.  She really wants me to text or email them, but she usually lets it go.  We just let her talk and ask lots of questions.  I always tell her that they love and miss her so much.  Sometimes she is pretty funny because she will mention them when she doesn't want to do something like... "Gingi didn't floss my teeth.  Gingi didn't pull my hair trying to get out tangles."  Recently she was recalling some stories and saying "My mom did this or that" and she was clearly not referring to me.  So I listened and went with it and a few minutes later asked her "Who am I"  She said "My mommy!"  I LOVE it!  I really think as hard as it is to hear sometimes when she says "I want to go to Hungary."  "I miss my mom and dad"  I think it is soooo healthy for her to be able to communicate all of that that I am truly thankful.  AND, what a huge blessing it is that she was loved and adored!  An answer to prayer!   God is good.  All the time!

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